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I know this was a whole year ago but are any of you guys still running? Trying to get back into it, on a high right now from running 8k, need some more friendly competition to spur me on further :P And OMG why has it taken them so long, they still haven’t got the challenges section back up :(

I hurt my foot part late last year so Ive been on and off most of the year, need to start picking up my miles for a half in september.

Me and Jami were talking about challenges the other week(or month) and she emailed Nike and got a challenges are “in the pipe” response, once(if) they bring them back we will go a comp going ASAP especially now Nike+ is for Android as well.

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Envato team

As Chris mentioned, here’s the response I got from Nike at the beginning of March when I asked them about when the challenges were coming back:

We will provide an update on the status of Nike+ Challenges soon. That’s actually all of the information that I have at this time, and I apologize I can’t give you a firm answer one way or another. Right now, we’re taking feedback that will be considered once a decision is made.

Your guess is as good as mine! Lets hope they get it back up and running (heh!). From the tone of the message it sounds like they’re thinking about getting rid of it entirely which would be a shame.

A few of us are still tracking our runs individually on Nike+ which can be motivating although maybe not as awesome as the group challenges. Feel free to add me! I’m always looking out for more virtual running partners. :)