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Well.. to be honest the new star ratings along with the author ratings has had a dramatic effect on sales and i’m really disappointed.

For the time i was travelling around aus i was unable to provide support for my item and therefore had users giving me a 1 star.. fair enough.

Mid last year after the travel i decided to relaunch myself with a new brand and framework for my theme, unfortunately due to being the same design i couldn’t list the theme as a new item and should update the current one, so i did. Sales came through with alot of positive feedback about the update and how great the support was. Excellent!!! I thought…I have earned back my clients/customers trust and left them happy…

Looks like the days without providing support has crept back on me…the ones that left the negative rating obviously moved on before the update, so the low ratings were/are still there.

It’s really frustrating, i spent so many hours on the framework for the theme and it feels i have been kicked in the nuts.

If i had a choice i would want to remove my current theme along with the ratings.

I have a new theme lined up and to be honest i’m not even sure if i want to sell it here.

Theres not much i can do here.