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No question Apple won the PR war. My dad bought an Asus Transformer (awesome tablet btw) and Flash was a big reason why he chose it over an iPad. But the average person never knew what Flash was or why it was useful until Apple made them think otherwise.

I definitely miss the community here. Like JayC said, things aren’t quite the same on the other forums. But that’s probably because we all had so much in common here.

I agree that expanding your skill-set is pretty much mandatory at this point. If you head in the HTML5 /JS direction, the first thing you’ll probably get frustrated over is the poor animation performance. I built something recently for this exact reason that some of you might be interested in:


Haven’t really done any special promotion or anything yet. Sort of giving it time to mature for now. But I’ve been using it in my projects the past few months and it’s working well so far. Give it a try if you want. And send me an email if you have any questions as I’d be happy to help.

Flash dramatically changed my life for the better, and because of that it will always be a sentimental thing for me.

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The reality is … Flash was never meant for making full websites with. I love Flash as much as anybody but it’s true. You could say that the use of Flash was inflated for some time, just because it was so much more awesome than what could be done with Javascript.

You can still be a full time Flasher nowadays if you are into gaming or video/media server stuff, just not for website creation. Good thing is, if you can code in Actionscript you can easily code in Javascript, it’s just more annoying.