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Dear all, I wonder if there is a way to analyse sellouts that are made thru a Collection or a simple search for tags.

If have you have experiences please let me know if it´s really worth to create several Collections.

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Envato team

Hi Dirk
I never analyzed it, but i just made a lot of collections which i use as my categories… i can’t say that my sales increased because of this, but i’m not very long a author on AJ and can’t really tell if it really helps. Sometimes i think, all this big work is not so incredible important. If people like a track, they buy (somehow it’s always possible to find it), if not, they don’t… which doesn’t mean, the track is not good of course. It’s really a matter of taste and for what it’s beeing used. As Sony bought one of my tracks for their (Youtube) ad campaign for example, I don’t know why they took this one, but i think it just was, because it matched the feeling of their Xperia V ad, not because i made a nice category for it.. :) but i think it can help sometimes anyway, to have everything nicely categorized by collections.

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Hi mate,

it’s our opinion that creating collections keeps a sort of order in your portfolio. When your tracks starts growing up in number, buyers may find them easily. Don’t know if this process increses sales but certainly projects a professional image of yourself. Of course, it should not be your main concern, but is better to have an “easy-to-consult” portfolio. Anyways, the must is keep working hard ;)