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Hello guys,

I’ve recognized tons of commercial icons browsing through TF. Obviously these icons aren’t licensed to be resold so how come are you guys allowing this, I know you were enforcing copyright very strongly.

I would need an official position on this since it would make our life much easier if this was allowed but we kept avoiding using commercial icons because of copyright reasons.

Cheers !

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Envato team

Read the license associated with the icons and just make sure commercial distribution is permitted, if it isn’t you can contact the author and ask for permission that way. My experience with contacting most authors with this kind of stuff has been pretty good. Most of them don’t really care how you use them but they just want you to ask and maybe credit them in some way.

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I’m sure as long as the icons don’t have any commercial restrictions, there will be no problem with that.

Having an example myself, I came by one of emfeha’s themes which used my turqua 3d icons, which is free for use unless it is for commercial purpose. But we talked and had a nice agreement and made a little exception for him.

Still, I know some more other icon sets which are only for personal use.