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It’s not because you take the credit but the client can be frustrated to see similar design on another website without knowing that his website is based on a template.

Yup. Several clients I’ve had have a limited budget and don’t understand why a unique design is so much more expensive. I tell them we can buy something from ThemeForest and they LOVE the price and the quality. Then I explain to them that more people on the web will have that template than just them. Pretty much all of the clients just say, “It’s a big world, nobody will notice.” :-)

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase any themes/templates for clients for quite awhile. :-( There are some templates I might be purchasing for personal sites soon though! Some really great work being done here.

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Right so as long as you are up front and tell the client you use templates and you are a customiser and not a designer or developer in the case of WP themes it should be cool.

I am also wondering if anyone out there uses themes for all their clients? and if so how do you advertise your services?

Thanks again :) (Learning a lot)