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Recently I moved back home from college for the summer and in the process, my VGA cable had a pin bent. No big deal, I bought a new one. Now I’m having all sorts of problems.

The new cable will only output to 1360×768, and the native resolution of my TV is 1366×768. I’m getting a slightly blurry screen as a result, and I think this might be the cause.

Do you think that if I bought a new VGA cable, I would not have this issue? Everything was working perfectly before, with my old cable! I can’t think of any other factors.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

UPDATE : I tried my monitor on another LCD screen in the house (outputting at 1920×1080) and it is blurry compared to another laptop outputting to the screen. Not terrible, but slightly blurry. Now I’m thinking it could be a problem with my laptop (damaged in transit?) but I have a hard time believing that my computer could be damaged so slightly that it makes the monitor blurry in some areas.

My monitor also could’ve been damaged in transit, but I have the same reasoning for believing this is not the case.

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It’s the cable. You must be using a Wide XGA cable, you want a Wide XGA + or anything bigger. (That would be Wide XGA +, WSXGA +, WUXGA , WQXGA, and WQUXGA )

I’d suggest trying to bend the old wire back into place. It’s worth noting most cables are WUXGA , so you must have found that one for pretty cheap… Now you know why it was cheap.