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Hi videohive artists,

I’m an Audiojungle author and I know some of you use music from AJ in your work. I’m thinking of doing the opposite: using video to promote my music.

Here’s a track I’m selling that I think is great for sky diving / in-the-air action:


If you feel like recommending material or maybe even edit or produce something, please let me know. If the result is cool this kind of collaboration can help to promote the work of the music producer (like me) and the video artist.

Just fantasizing: we could make a youtube/vimeo channel with awesome video’s just to show our skills. People that like the soundtrack or video can check out our portfolios or hire us. Even if they end up buying stuff from other AJ or VH authors, or referral links (=$) got them there.

If you think this is a bad idea, or have a better version of this idea, let me know!