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I couldn’t find a theme like this on Themeforest, or even on other sites. I’m thinking about something that would have:
  • A video gallery with tags, categories, etc., supporting multiple video provider or even self-hosting the videos
  • Free teaster videos and an option for Member-only videos in a special members area (maybe with limited member profiles)
  • Maybe even some kind of Paypal (or Spreedly) integration so that you just need to enter your paypal account email and the cost of membership

The result might look something like http://wordpress.tv/, but with an option to add a paywall. I could see lots of potential applications: screencasts, instructionals, adult videos, or even just a video blog or tv show.

To be fair, there’s a lot of awesome video themes here, but I don’t think any of them has a member area feature.

If there’s no such theme, I just might have to build it myself…

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Here is the real link http://wordpress.tv/

You post a ”,” in the hyperlink :)