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hey guys, i have submitted an aftereffects project i am now waiting for it to be accepted what do you think about this project? will this get accepted? here is a link www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z2WaBo_lV4 give any recommendations for any improvements

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Dear planktonium.

I have watched your project.
I think that the project will get a hard rejection.
The project you have made is very basic.
The reviewer team is trying to increase the quality standarts more and more each day.
This is my advice with your permission my friend:
-Watch the popular files category for better understanding the quality standarts.
(you don’t have to make the projects at the same standarts,but by doing so you will be more prepared when making new items )
-More attention for the typo work.
-Try to have a style.(build concepts)
-More attention to the keyframing work.(keyframe interpolation)
-Don’t forget that simplicity and basic works are different things.

These are only my thoughts.
Maybe the reviewer team will think different things about it.
No matter what happens keep doing your best and don’t give up if you see the potential in you.

I hope I could help you a bit.
So welcome to videohive and good luck planktonium.