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Hey guys,

It’s really about time we step away from our Flash site and move on to a solid HTML site.

I’ve been looking over tons of themes for the last 2 days but still cant find something that really hits the spot.

Our current website is www.bysoigne.com and we need a site that’s as simple, clean and exclusive/luxurious looking as it is now.

The reason we don’t design it ourselves is because I’m never satisfied if I make things for myself.

If anyone has any suggestions about a theme thats for sale here, I’d gladly appreciate it. If you’d like to take this on as a job, let’s talk details and I’d be glad to hear your ideas :)

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hey GuyDroog,

You have a decent flash website and yes you are correct now that we can replicate most of the flash animations with javascript its time to move to HTML . Even apple is not using flash.. thats saying something..

I can definitely hook you up with a nice html website with cool animations that will top flash. Since you havent given your email why dont you write me to ashanster[at]gmail and we can talk more.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Ashan Jay


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Hi, if you are still looking for someone to take on your project for a custom solution let me know.

We can create a new look, and identity if you are interested, for your business.

Please contact me via my profile page or visit Weborithm to learn more. Thank you.