Was nice while it lasted, think I would take a break from participating in the forums

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But please, no hugging :D:P

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Kitty :)

We are listening guys and we work really really hard to make things ever better for our community

We can only hope you notice our efforts more and more :-)

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I do know however that we do ask questions, on occasion, in a very basic manner on purpose because that approach can often illicit a greater amount of ideas compared to a more very specific and targeted question. Just something to consider and keep in mind. :)

That’s exactly the point to be taken care, especially when new staffs communicates with users. But if you watch closely, the members had much productive participation when ratings related topic was initiated by Justinfrench. We even went to the “from-scratch” ideas that not even completely possible to implement (for example changing the rating system into “like” system).

So what happened later is we went to realistic zone, decided to go with the route of just adding more detail to the existing rating system and improvements towards that way. As of now it halted with its half job and the rating comments seems to be dropped without any alternative solutions, even without informing to community. This is where the “ideas from scratch”, “collect more perspectives” kind of requests made by new staff triggers flame.

As others pointed already, it is time for Envato to earn trust through precise improvements / fix deficiencies. We all know nothing will happen in single day. But a simple feature that “starts” towards right direction is missing when the search was announced (particularly) after a long wait.

Btw, +1 for hug! :)

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But please, no hugging :D:P

Ah, you Brits, I always knew you had a gentle side… :D:P