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Ok, let’s leave the whole Adobe issue because no one will know how that will end, but I doubt Adobe will want to shut us down… Its more likely they will want to acquire us or have us pay a license…

With the sentence “Do what you want with the video (Make money reselling it). We will also host the video for you.” I mean the following…

If you for example have a video production business and you produce videos for others, we allow you to produce the videos with our system and sell it to your customers for a higher price… Perhaps you will do the customization work for the customer, I don’t know… You have the right to earn money by using our services.

The authors that sign up with us must agree to let the customer that purchase the video do whatever they want with the video file… Why should we bother? We are not that greedy…. A video file is a very limited thing, no one can customize a video file… I don’t see what is the problem with that sentence… We don’t want to do like Envato and others that have an extended license and charge customers 10 x more for certain usage cases… The authors can set the price as they wish up to a limit and thats it, people can do what they want with the video produced… Once the video design is payed for, no one should be controlling or limiting how the video should be used, just to try and squeeze more money out of buyers.

The videos we produce are hosted on our servers, so the customer can just copy the embed code and paste it on a web page… The code includes everything needed to play the video.

We want to have a legit business just like Videohive but without the extended license stuff… We would like to provide videos at prices similar as the regular price templates are sold for around the web. We are better of having no middleman (Stock websites) and have the authors signup directly with us… This alone lowers the video prices by 40%... One of the fundamental principles of our business is to lower prices so we can reach the mass markets around the world… We want sales volume in the millions… We want every small business around the world to start using online video way more than it is used today… We want families around the word to be able to afford a pop-up book or scrapbook video with the kids photos…

Basicly we want videos based on After Effects to be a common thing that anyone can afford… Just like buying a shirt with custom graphics became affordable and the market became a mass market thanks to Zazzle and Cafepress… Before these guys came along, custom t-shirts were only for the few, now anyone can get them for $12 bucks.

Regarding promoting my business on this thread… Well thats my price for telling you guys my business strategy and being so open about my business plans… I know you are following us Envato… You know that selling videos is a much bigger market and it makes completely sense for you guys to adopt the concept… And you are probably thinking right now about how you can produce a similar system… But we did apply for a patent… So…. Well, you know how it can end up a few years from now if you guys copycat us… So, lets make a deal instead… You guys are very well positioned already… You guys have the raw material we need… All we have to do is plug our system in your website and work on putting your templates in the system… We would love to have you as investors and co-owners… We really need an established and respected company like you (Envato) as co-owners, to help us get there… Take a look at animoto.com, they are 10 times bigger than you and together we can get there too… Our videos based on AE are way better… If they can have 400.000 users a month, we can surely get there to…

We are having a meeting tomorrow with a company with 23 million website owners as customers… And I’m sure they would like the possibility of being able to produce videos for their websites, our system is perfect for these guys… So… Well, things might start to roll next month and as soon we get that first big partners we will go mainstream and reach a mass market…

Authors… Keep up the good work… It will be all good for all of us… Sorry for my disrespect at the start of this thread… But do not be expecting 70% in royalties because that ain’t going to happen with videos… T-shirt authors went from getting 70% to getting 25% on their designs and they are not complaining because the sales volume is 1000 times bigger than it were before Zazzle and Cafepress existed… I’m sure many more designers are making a living now selling custom t-shirts then back in the days… the same will happen to video and we will do all we can to make it happen… Do not take me wrong authors… You will be just fine because we will increase the sales volume 1000 fold as well… Fingers crossed… :)

Ps. My advisor thinks I’m a bit crazy posting all this stuff… I should not be revealing my business strategy, that’s what he is saying… Well… So, I guess I should end posting here…

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And you really buy the template from videohive every time someone produces a video on your website? Yeah, right :)

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@EFEKT I think what Mario wants to do is create his own “unlimited use” licenses for the videos rendered with his service… with a 25% commission going to the author for each sale of the video made on his website.

I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think he’s allowed to use any Videohive templates at all on his website. Even if an author gives him permission, he shouldn’t be allowed to use it unless the author takes the template off of Videohive. Well, this is how I interpret the Videohive licenses… We are all waiting for Envato to officially answer on this.

But if Mario recruits authors to join his service and become WebMovieMaker authors under his terms, then I think he could create any agreement he wants with his authors. So the question here is, I think… Does this sound like a good deal? Some people have a lot of time on their hands and some people like to gamble.

Personally, I think that any serious thought on this matter should be put on hold until there is an official go ahead from Adobe. It could get ugly, and I’d rather not be involved until we know for sure. It’s pretty much at your own risk. But it looks like Mario is determined to go ahead with his idea wether or not he has any support. I hope he tells us how his meeting goes.

He does have an interesting idea for a white label use of his shop at a %50 commission for each sale. I wouldn’t mind offering that kind of service on my own branded standalone website, as long as it’s certified by Adobe.

I’m waiting patiently on the sidelines on this one. I think this is definitely one of the more entertaining threads around here lately :P

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Envato team

There are also a couple things I’d like to clear up.

1. Exclusive authors would not be allowed to contribute the templates they sell here on any sort of video-generator site. Selling their templates, even just the customized renders, would be a breach of their exclusivity.

2. As Felt_tips mentioned, it’s against the rules to promote or recruit for another service on our site. That includes the forums as well as the email on each users’ profile page.

Since this topic has already been discussed thoroughly and since there’s so much recruiting and promo, I”m going to shut this thread down. :) If you guys have any other questions, please feel free to contact support.