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quickly; some stages/events that I can remember:

Signup, Item Approval, Sales, Badge celebration (eg: dinner + night away somewhere), Old Business Shut Down/Leaving Job, Concentrating on Marketplace Full Time, Freaking out and setting up a backup plan incase marketplace doesn’t work, More badge celebrations,

firing high maintenance customers, disconnecting the business phone number, shutting down the old business website, cancelling the separate business bank account and credit card, stopping putting business cards in wallet, setting and reaching daily average marketplace sales goals

and most importantly, the ability for both of us to work from home so we can both spend an amazing amount of time with our new baby :)


however, it’s becoming increasingly difficult in the social department. Not having a “real” job anymore means I am no longer meeting people in the same industry face to face. I’ll be trying a co-working space a few times a week shortly, but if that doesn’t work (ie: nobody interesting around) then I may have to get a part time job to save my sanity haha.

I’ve also noticed the odd bit of negativity (jealously?) when people find out that I work from home and set my own hours. I have started to leave this minor detail out when meeting new people (eg: at baby play groups) and it has helped haha.

I am currently in the Oh crap I have too much support! how can I streamline this and have time to create more products? author life stage.

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As Adrian mentions, the vast majority of authors here were born into computer technology. I am now 60 and only used a telephone for the first time at age 8! So I Am in the same league as Caesar where the appreciation from younger authors means a whack. Mainly because us oldies lack the confidence and bravado of the younger ones.

It’s been a personal challenge to teach myself an alien technology, and to get to a level where I have items accepted here feels like a miracle, especially working entirely alone and having to make my own decisions at every moment in the creative process. The personal circumstances of my life meant that I was never able to train for anything or put a career first but now, at retirement age I feel I actually have one, and am starting a new life.

Mostly I feel gratitude, every single day.

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congrats. a good lesson of perseverance. thanks for sharing it.

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This gave me a really good laugh

This is my timeline, was quite a journey :D

Working at a full-time job
Sign up to ActiveDen at work during lunch break
Upload first file, make $50 first month
Start making 3 times my salary on ActiveDen per month
Buy sports car
Quit job and work on ActiveDen full time
Become number one top seller on ActiveDen
Start making my years salary on ActiveDen per month
Dump girlfriend and start dating a newer hotter girlfriend
Start travelling the world, Europe, Africa, Asia
Become first Envato Elite author
Move in with new girlfriend
Get distracted and stop making Flash files
Sales start to drop but don’t care
Play too much guitar hero
Steve Job announces no Flash support
Go into denial
Dump girlfriend
Go into a depression, start drinking a lot
Start spending all my savings money on partying
Extensively research pyramids, and watch ancient alien series for days.
Go back to ex-girlfriend but she cheats on me and I leave her again
Start drinking more.
Crash sports car
Eat a pigeon when Envato didn’t pay on time
Have a spiritual awakening on my balcony and talk to the universe
Become convinced the world was going to end December 21
Decide its time to make some changes.
Quit drinking
Upload first PSD theme to ThemeForest
Find developer for partnership to make WordPress themes
4 Themes uploaded to ThemeForest
Start making a profit again :)

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Great thread!
well, my story here is pretty short: only 18 months that I’m an author, but has been surely full of emotions!

  • January 2012 – I was in searching of new income sources since I was strangled by italian taxation and I found Envato (before I bought only some WP theme)
  • Few days later – when I uploaded my first item, a very basic PHP class that has been accepted immediately
  • A couple of hours later – when I made my first sale. That evening I was sooo happy!
  • In february 2012 – when I upoaded PrivateContent and I started receiving decent incomes and good feedbacks
  • A week later – I started to taste the support-man life ..
  • May 2012 – returning from a 3 days trip in Paris, at the airport, I received more than 100 e-mails .. Media Grid becomed a success!
  • A couple of weeks later – Getting featured with Media Grid
  • Understanding that my incomes here could not be reached by any other work here in Italy == real indipendence
  • In the meanwhile – entering in the Codecanyon top seller items and top seller authors lists
  • November 2012 – Understand I’ll spend 3/4 of my day giving support without the time to develop anymore :crying:
  • Hit the gold paw in November and then becoming elite the 10th of February
  • June 2013 – Understand that also earning a lot, is not enough to survive at the italian taxation.. :stress:

Next Goal: reach the 125K sales and get the Elite Care package :D

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My professional life story is like…

2009(I was like 16 years old)

  • Discovered pay to click website – very excited, thought I’d won the lottery
  • Some online friend referenced me to freelancing and I started to search about it
  • Started getting some projects(was lucky to get one from the first few tries)
  • Reached a decent level of earnings and got a lot of feedback and clients, but felt I need something new
  • By luck I saw a position on ElegantThemes support board which I applied to, without having any real knowledge with WordPress :D

2011(18 years old)

  • Started learning WordPress and mastering HTML/CSS so I can better perform on my job and finish my tasks easier
  • In September 2012 I registered teothemes.com from my own need of something new, I knew I could do more than support other companies work.
  • Bought all kind of stuff I could ever wanted with the money I received(quite some money comparing to the salaries here)


  • Got another part-time job at Magazine3, on a support board as well
  • In July, while on holiday and having 2 part-time jobs, I started developing Tilability with a partner that was just getting started as well, he had the HTML posted.
  • When it was finished, it was too much hassle for a partnership so he sold me the rights for a fixed amount of sum, a bad decision for him since Tilability got more than $8k profits and still sells.
  • Found a new partner, developed ViewPoint and Tharsis which produced good income
  • Developed SCRN which totally changed my world, I didn’t think it would be possible to have so many sales with one item.
  • Quit both jobs in December 2012, I focused only on ThemeForest.

And now, in 2013, I’ve been developing mostly for ThemeForest and it went pretty good. Being able to buy / visit / do most of the stuff you want is a great feeling and I don’t want to give it up in the near future :D

Btw, my first year anniversary here is approaching. :P Having reached elite status, 6k sales and almost plutonium paw in this time is really awesome for me, at 20 yrs old, 21 in a few months :P

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@scortie proof or didn’t happen.
How did he lose $16million?

S*it happens and sometimes you lose billions of $ (if you ever had them). But I’m just asking for proof since everyone can write literally anything. DigitalScience is more credible/close to reality though, since he’s been there for too long :D

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Have a spiritual awakening on my balcony and talk to the universe
Become convinced the world was going to end December 21

hehe, I like this stage of DS :D

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This is one of my favourite threads. Some really interesting stories here. Here’s mine:

2010 (17 years old)
  • My family has some financial problems, so I start thinking about making some money myself
  • 25th December 2010, I discovered GraphicRiver (I really can’t recall how that happened)
  • 26th December, motivated by what I saw on the market, I install a trial version of Photoshop and I start working (I was still not sure if the marketplace is legit)
  • 30th December, I create my account and take the author quiz
  • 31st December, I submit my first item (some Photoshop styles). Yes, when people were celebrating the New Year, I was submiting my first item, pretty lame :D
  • 1st of January, my item gets approved. Unforgetable feeling! :D
  • 3rd January, my first sale. One of happiest days in my life, my first earned money!
  • The rest of the January was a slow month.. Only 4 sales and no sales in February, altough I submited another item.
  • The initial happiness is gone untill May, when I submit new items on GraphicRiver and I sold my first extended license. Also, I get the brown paw.
  • The following months I had decent sales, I submited more items and my best friend told me she wants to be my girlfriend. Everything was fine untill…
  • ... I discovered CodeCanyon, started learning HTML/CSS (I succeded thanks to Jeffrey Way, another reason to thank Envato for) and submited my first lousy item. Of course, it got rejected and I got a standard rejection message like the one for ThemeForest. I thought it was a mistake, so I started sending messages to Envato support, asking for explanations. I was really convinced my item was good, but I couldn’t convince the Envato staff about that :D Anger, frustration, disappointment, depression. Now, I feel embarassed when I think about that item :D
  • August-September, I start working non-stop on another crappy item, but this time the reviewer was kind enough to point me the mistakes, so I fix them and it gets approved… Another big disappointment, the item wasn’t selling. And it was just getting better :D My computer breaks, my family hits the financial problems again and the girl previously mentioned begins avoiding me and eventually stops talking to me at all (I still have no idea why). No computer = no hope for me, because I love programming and I use it for learning, working and communicating. Bottom line, I was pretty depressed.
  • December, after three painful months, I make my first withdrawal (one of the best feelings ever, except the first sale), I finally buy another computer and I start working right away!
  • I quit GraphicRiver, I submit new items on CodeCanyon and my sales start growing slowly until April, when I had some very productive and creative days and I submited some of my most succesful items. I finally had decent earnings (I gave most of them to my family)
  • I got accepted at the college I wanted (Computer Science) without too much effort (I was pretty decent at C++ programming in high-school).
  • Submit more items, buy some stuff (a laptop, some gaming gear, clothes). I rent an apartment, I start the college, but I realise I really hate everything about it. I get really lazy, I stop playing football or any other sport and I start procastinating a lot. I stop working and learning new technologies and I stop going to classes. I just sit alone in my room for days and once a week I was going out with a girl who was (and still is) a very good friend of mine. I also start smoking.
  • Continued being extremely lazy, but somehow I start writing tutorials for various people and websites, I submit my most succesful item, I get featured, my item also gets featured and I have a dezastrous first exam session.
  • My college situation continues being dezastruous, the sales drop, I have some personal problems and I realise I really need to change something.
  • I put my exams on hold untill September, I quit smoking, I come back home and I start studying for my college and also design, typography and JavaScript/PHP/WordPress. Currently, I’m working on some new awesome items and I hope to get my first item on ThemeForest in the next months.
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I will cut to the chase, 2007-2012.

Created a website that costs $30 a month to run, and barely makes $3!

Created a series of self help, products that did ok, or fizzed out quickly.

Created some software that does well, but not well enough, to make anything noteworthy.

Almost created some other software from a con-artist programmer, that has disappeared.

Tried SEO type products and after years or months of effort, produce b* all!

Dabbled in lists, which are good, but not as good as most people think!

Tried renting lists, but spend a bundle and get little to no sales!!! Grrrrr.

So, tried this and tried that, with software development being the only thing that has a glimmer of hope!

Although l know nothing about software development, and don’t want to go through that hiring a programmer thing again.

Then l find Graphicriver and think, hello, l am good at graphics, might be worth a try?

This is 2013 by the way!

First time soft rejected, and then 3 sales, (small but still noteworthy).

Then develop something that can really turn things around, and after a week or two of effort, soft rejected. Ok, l thought, l will have to overhaul the whole thing and do a better job.

Then today l find it has been rejected and deleted!!!

True l should have read the rules, but working hard for two weeks and getting it thrown out is a pretty hard thing to go through.

So, at this stage, l am thinking…

A. Throw my Laptop through the window, say a few well chosen words, along the lines of “I knew this @#$ wouldn’t work”.

B. Throw myself through the window, because after 5 and a half years, l am ready to spit the dummy and the whole pram, (hard to throw myself out of a window, since l live in a house).

C. Develop it into smaller products, (and read the rules this time) and hope, breaking up the idea won’t clobber my profits, (as far as l can tell the product was ok, just the sales page that let me down)?

D. Sell it somewhere else? Apart from possibly making a quick buck, and getting a useless handful of people on one of my lists, that l regret could be it?

E. Have a rant, take the night off, before l do throw the Laptop away, and watch the stupidest and funniest YT** videos around. Some hilarious vioceovers out there.

Last couple of months, with getting over a nasty skin infection on my hands, (worst experience l have gone through) etc. And all the other crap with Au’s economy, l really thought this product was going to be the serious money point, not more of the same.

I know the universe is supposed to give you a break when things are bad, but for me it seems to be bad and then more bad?

I really don’t have a clue what to do next apart from finding a pub, l suppose l should go and watch some funny videos, read some horoscopes, that may make some sense out of this!

Funny most horoscopes say that 2013 is supposed to be a great financial year for me, so far apart from a glimmer of hope it has been the worst!