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Give it away on Adobe exchange for free with a link to your portfolio. It should act as a good promo device.

I give away some stuff on Adobe exchange, marketplace, creattica and on deviant art. One of my free items has thousands of views and downloads on those sites, more than any of my paid items. :)

I’m sure over the years it has got me referrals, but of course it’s hard to tell without seeing all the stats. But it is nice to make some use of an item anyway.

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Amend, improve, change category, add stuff, take stuff out, turn it into another item.

I have also successfully sought support and have two of my items reconsidered and accepted without change to the design itself after it was reconsidered by the reviewer.

I’ve only ever had one item that I could not get accepted even after two rounds of improvements. I’m putting that up on a different marketplace. I’m pretty sure it’ll get great sales there. In addition I do have items I worked on but realised halfway through or even when I was done that it would probably not be good enough or simply not appropriate for GR. I keep those items and work parts of them into new items and working on.

Freebies and giveaways are of course a good idea. If I ever got down to actually promoting my work I would probably give away quite a few of those … I guess marketing is the first thing that goes if you are swamped with work … :)