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One of the page says:

Powered by a Community of Millions.

haha, am I the only one who feel this is too good to be true and far from reality? Millions are buyers and authors who belongs to industry – not necessarily belong to a community? So if a new member joins here, does that mean the community is growing? The definition for community started becoming equal to the word “member”.

If this is really powered by a community, we might be already implemented solution for missing style sheet issues 3 years back. The same applies to developer license, comment search and industry specific license terms to keep the community less worrying.

I guess hiding behind the word “community” saves from meeting lot of obvious commitments as a commercial vendor. Obviously more than 90% of buyers would see Envato as a business rather than community – as that is the obvious relationship (as marketplace) – and it is actually a good realization. Would be better if all the development resources targeted to meet such (commercial) label sincerely as our core business channeled through serious stuff like license and copyright.

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I don’t approve that slab’ish font as the body text, it’s bad specially in Chrome.
Everything else looks good.

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Simple and clean, i like it.