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Hey guys… I just finished revamping my buddy’s company page, due to the inspiration of all the designs on this site… Of course the text content needs to be updated a little, but i’m leaving that up to him.

Design wise, what do you think?



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cute, but kinda retro.

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It looks nice.

I think the typography could use some more work.

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looking good – in safari (haven’t tested anything else yet) the contact form is over to the left a little and doesn’t align with the top picture area box – just about 10 pixels to the left a little – just so that you know.

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I’d raise up the navigation so it’s not butt up against the lower header. I’d also add a regular contact form page so people don’t have to manually type out his email address to contact him. And then I’d optimize it for SEO … meaning I’d customize each pages title tag and meta description, use an H1 tag for each page,, not just Thomasdecks.com which is what it is right now. I’d optimize it for Cincinnati keywords if that is where he’s located.

I’d also not link the home button to http://thomasdecks.com/default.htm but to http://thomasdecks.com/

Maybe try removing that header bar that reads “call now for an estimate” altogether. It doesn’t need to be there.

You could also add a link to the footer back to the domain that has a title of “cincinnati deck builder” since that is what Google suggest when you start typing cincinnati deck… That will help boost his rankings,, but he probably needs more backlinks.

Good luck man.