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So I used some magic :D and this is the book : ==> Balanced Scorecard Strategy For Dummies http://www.amazon.co.uk/Balanced-Scorecard-Strategy-Dummies-Hannabarger/dp/047013397X

reviews for that book don’t look so promising

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Pretty good skills dragnoir…. but let me show you something.

Using advanced image clarification technology, one can clearly see that Collis is actually scoping out my profile page and is about to buy some extended licenses:

 photo Collis-Loves-Tim-McMorris_zps64eae006.jpg

graphic river for you next, Tim lol

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Gotta Love a Guy who uses a Mouse instead of a Trackpad or Tablet!

I want to know why his pencil isn’t sharpened?

Maybe it’s just for the Ink Eraser on the tip of it (?).

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Envato team

:-) Yes I’m waiting for someone to write “How to Be a CEO for Dummies”! But seriously I’ve actually read quite a few of those books, I think they’re pretty useful!! Admittedly I haven’t actually opened the balanced scorecard one yet.

Pencil not sharpened – because I chew on it all the time :-)

Also check out the massive stapler I have! You can’t quite tell but it’s like as big as my forearm. CEO-sized stapler!

Last weird fact about that photo, you can’t tell but the monitor is at a ridiculously unusable angle, it’s tilted right back. Somehow in the photo it looks kinda OK though!

BTW, I have some free time if you Collis need to take break :p

Excellent! Interim CEO duly appointed for all my breaks – Dragnoir, first Tunisian CEO of Envato :-P

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Got me thinking @Collis, with all the raw talent on here. You guys should do a …

Doctor the photo, competition

Obviously nothing rude, lewd or crude.

Post a “photo” and get people to submit their best doctored image.

Then get posters on the forums to vote for the best !

Would be some serious fun. Perhaps the winner getting a “Doctor” badge