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Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my time here with Audiojungle. Envato does all the necessary advertising and marketing so I don’t have to before I start selling my items, and I still have full freedom to do whatever marketing and advertising I can do on my own to attract more potential buyers, and I’m sure Envato appreciates this as well. :)

I like to view this site as a temporary “home” for someone who’s just starting out. Much of what it takes to actually start selling stuff is already taken care of by the staff; just upload and voila. Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching your earnings grow, especially when a big purchase has been made. I now average anywhere from 10-20 sales every month and my portfolio just keeps on growing. Now I am prepared to talk about the improvements Envato can make, both for itself and for its authors and buyers, but first, I want to list the things I liked about this site.

Here is a list of things that I feel Envato did right:

1: Friendly and supportive staff. This makes Envato a very friendly and inviting place, especially for those who are just starting out. When I join a website, sometimes I get worried that I have a problem nobody else wants to solve and would rather point me to a cookie-cutter solution than sit down and work with me on it. From my experience at least, I get any questions I have answered in a short time with the frequent and consistent participation of the staff. It also leaves the impression that Envato is down-to-earth and genuinely wants the best for its members. Now for a site like Youtube in comparison, you have to go out of your way to come close to finding someone who can help with a particular problem and quite frankly, I feel Youtube has become a sellout to larger corporations with no serious consideration for all the little guys who helped to grow it into the very successful website it is today. Please, I beg of you Envato, keep your integrity because that’s a major thing I look for when considering to join a new site. If you get a $5 billion company purchase offer by Google or something, think of all the people who helped make this site great before you make that transaction. A little early to be talking about something like this, I know, but this site is growing fast, very fast.

2: Licensing options.

I find it neat that people can pick and choose what sort of license to purchase for an item. It gives buyers a choice based on the nature of how they intend to use the items and it also gives us authors something to look forward to. It’s always a nice feeling for the author when an item was purchased with an extended license. I will talk about a possible improvement to the licensing options further below.

3: Multiple methods of transferring money.

When one method fails, it’s always nice to have a backup. I would suggest that Envato finds more ways to send and receive money whenever possible and adopt the most practical ones.

4: An open ear for user feedback.

I’ve seen some wonderful things happen simply because the Envato developers actually listen to the users when they find a problem or make a suggestion. Same can’t be said for sites like Youtube where they’re so big that they don’t listen to the little guys anymore. This makes my experience with Envato that much better.

5: Referral system.

This is a clever marketing tool that not only benefits Envato but also the authors who use the referral system. I have to say, if I can bring in referral cuts, anyone can. I remember feeling very happy and excited when I saw my first referral cut. The same guy I referred has bought at least 10 items from my portfolio and is a good friend of mine. Never forget the importance of business buddies. :)

6: Specific feedback and soft rejections as apposed to hard rejections.

This lets me know what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix it. It’s nice to know that there is still something I can do about the item that wasn’t quite ready for the marketplace without having to wait another week. The resubmission waiting times are a lot shorter than just the initial waiting time in the queue.

7: Featured Authors.

Although I haven’t had the honor of having my items or my profile featured, I would really like that someday and I can only imagine the joys of waking up one morning and finding that you’re on the spotlight and people are writing about how good your work is and all the positive feedback you get from fellow authors. :)

Now here is a list of suggestions and improvements I think all parties involved could benefit from:

1: An “Unlimited Use” license option for Audiojungle items.

People like the extra security of being able to use an item they bought as many times as they like with full commercial usage rights without actually transferring the ownership of the sound from the author to the buyer. This way, the author can sell this item multiple times at a price higher than the Extended license option. Some people are very willing to pay the extra price for an item they can use however many times they want. Also, as an author, I would sooooo love to see one of my items sell under an Unlimited Use license. I have no idea what the prices should be for an Unlimited Use license but if a Regular license for a $1 item is $5 for an Extended license, I think that same item should be $25 under the Unlimited Use license. For a $10 song, that’s $250 for an item that can sell many, many times! Some may disagree with me on prices, but I highly recommend that this Unlimited Use license option gets implemented soon.

2: Keep all the answers to the Author’s Quiz on one page.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was for me when I took the author’s quiz to have to flip through all of the help and support pages just to find the answers I was looking for. I almost gave up when I first took the quiz and would have meant losing a valuable author. If the answers to the Author’s Quiz could be organized on a single webpage, that would make things so much easier and Envato could very well see some extra authors coming in, which means more business. :)

3: A percentage number above the progess bar for items under review.

This is a minor thing but is simple to implement and will help bring some relief to impatient authors such as myself. :P I remember sitting in my chair and staring at the progress bar for each item that was pretty much at 100%, constantly refreshing all the time to see if my item had been approved. :D

I may add more suggestions later but these are all I could think of right now. I hope this helps. :)