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Well I know, but you shouldn’t tell just anyone even if they don’t have experience to not bother uploading files for sale. You should encourage ;)

Well I disagree with that out of experience. Both as an author and as a reviewer. The experience curve is generally very important for the quality you output and your quality is the most important thing for your image.

If you ain’t good at something, get better at it first and then do it commercially. That’s my point of view on just about anything.

But to each his own and I wasn’t trying to be rude :)

im sure you werent trying to be rude but i have to disagree with your first post, we all have to start somewhere and uploading to 3dOcean is a great way to get some feedback on your work so ultimately you can improve.

I mean, look at my early items and then look at my more recent ones, a vast improvement that wouldnt have happened as fast without advice and help from all the authors/buyers and reviewers here at AD :)

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Well I was trained differently I guess. My first 4 years I did everything for free and for fun, eventually I knew the software well enough that executing any design theory was a lot easier and when I started working commercially, I made a good impression I guess.

I just like to prepare a lot in a safe environment. But as I said, if it works for you then please do as you do. I only wish the best to everyone here.

And now back on topic :P

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Haha its okay really guys. I do agree with flashjunkie but either way, ArikB meant no harm and was just taught different :) Anyways… back on topic :)

And another question… does anyone know if 3D modeling of..say.. a car, is easier in 3DsMax or Cinema 4D? I really want to give Cinema 4D a try but people say stick with 3DsMax because it’s easier :)

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I use both C4d and Max but i always liked C4d more maybe because the interface is a bit more organized than Max but if you get used to Max than Max is awesome as well. In C4d i think your workflow is faster than in Max. I mean I tried out pretty much all the 3d softwares and i stuck with C4d and Max. There are a lot of others like Maya, Blender but i guess this is my pick for doing 3d. As for you i think you will love C4d once you get familiar with the interface.