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Envato team

Moved to 3D Ocean because it’s a question that is directed to us 3D people! :D

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Lol, i remember first time my friend(munjakos) and I have found GI option in Cinema 4D (R7 i think, not sure, anyway, we went to some kind of pc education class, and they had it installed), just made like 3 spheres in different color, added a bit of luminance and turned on GI :D we stared at it for like 5 minutes :D

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I downloaded one “crack” for the while, I want to learn how the vRay make so especial the renders. But, I have a problem: It doesn’t works.


“One crack”? As in illegal?

Yeah, is illegal. But, I’m not looking to make money with the vRay, I just want to know what is it, how it works. I want to learn some cool 3D using Cinema 4D. But, one question, is there a trial version of the Vray? I can’t find good information about the Vray on the internet.

P.s: in case anyone missed it, StockPhotoMan = Agodesa

Haha, yeah. I made SPM to be a non-exclusive author, and maybe sell on istockphoto. But, I’m on school and i don’t have enough time to get out of the house a take pictures :(

Sorry for my English.