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Professional word is chicken-shit. If somebody doing something as a profession and not only for fun, free, or as a hobby, that means professional. But it’s not a warranty for that his product or his work is superb. Britney Spears and Maria Callas are both professionals, the “tiny” different in between the two singer is the quality. And more than likely Britney earned much much more than Callas. So money also not a determinative factor.

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Envato team

Professional is considered a subjective word even if it’s not listed in the Wiki as a bad word. Pro is allowed to be used as it’s not a subjective word as much as professional. Many companies use the word Pro to describe a paid variation of a free subscription or file.

Best way to describe the difference between Pro and Professional would be like this (in my opinion at least):

Pro: Is an advantage of something, such as a paid subscription rather than a free one.

Professional: Derives for experts in a field, such as doctors or other professions. It’s not describing an item, subscription or similar, but describes an individual or a profession.

Item name examples:

Pro: “Magma Social Icons-Pro” would be allowed. Whilst “Pro-Magma Social Icons” not only look funny but it’s not describing the item in the same manner as the first example and could therefore be rejected/edited. It all depends on the copy of the item name. Use “Pro” in a manner where it’s applicable.

Professional: Professional Magma Social Icons (this is a suggestive statement and does not accurately describe the file but rather one’s individual opinion of an item and will, most likely, end in a rejection of the file in question)

As to why we have a lot of files using the word Professional in their titels, I leave open for a more official answer from someone who can explain it a bit better than I could.

Note: I’m writing as a forum user, not as a Reviewer or moderator. These are my personal opinions and does not apply to anything with Envato. I’m simply describing the difference between a couple of words.

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The problem with the word professional is that it is subjective. Something can look professional to you and not to someone else. This is why thy want you to use objective words in your title only because, they factually describe your product – “red table” can only be used to describe a red table and not a green car. Objective descriptions are not influenced by personal feelings but are based on facts. Subjective words on the other hand, can be influenced by personal feeling and may not be factual.

Your file can actually be professional but because of the subjective nature of the description, they do not want us to use it or any other such descriptive words.