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Hi all,

I just got hard rejected for the second time for my first magento theme. This is the demo site:


I read many resources on the envato site about the reviewing process. Until I find this article: http://notes.envato.com/authors/the-most-common-issues-with-rejected-files/

I was struck by the very first reason on that article: “The overall presentation is generic”. I just realized that my theme is indeed too generic. The slider, the scroller and all.

I start to think that I should just leave this theme and start a new one. I’m planning to just release this theme for free.

But before, I need second opinion from you guys. Do you think there’s a chance for my theme to get approved after some more improvement. Or do you agree about the too-generic-concept things, and I should just work on another one?

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I don’t think you ever need to completely scrap a theme. Everything can always be improved with CSS and some new graphics.

After looking at your theme, it does need a LOT of work, but it definitely can be saved if you updated everything significantly. It may take you a long time to update everything, but it’ll be even longer if you were to scrap it completely.

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