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I am writing on all my HTML template description pages (before item description start) with h3 as ”...... IS AN HTML TEMPLATE NOT WORDPRESS THEME”

Still people buy it as a WP theme and ask me “I am trying to upload your theme but I get style.css missing error” :P

A lady screwed my most selling landing page template rating with one star just because she bought it considering WP theme.

I’ve learned years ago PEOPLE DO NOT READ. No matter how big text is. That’s why everywhere are icons and images. It’s sad but true. Also it’s easier to ask than read documentation. Anyway, I hope Envato will do change something about rating system.

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Yeah rating comments should also be visible below rating

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Do what I do, scream in pain and do an kickass update :), such a great update they can’t rate less than 5.

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I have a very similar situation when I got the 1-star rating just because the buyer didn’t know how to download the theme from ThemeForest. All I can say it’s not my fault, but ThemeForest’s, because the buyer’s area belongs to TF and they should teach them how to use the website themselves.

I tried to contact with the buyers but no luck.

I think adding rules for reviews or make them available for being reported is good. Also public reviews content + replies also good (but it won’t help with anonymous reviews).

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I think adding rules for reviews or make them available for being reported is good.

”...available for being reported is good…”
Brilliant! This feature will give the author a chance to give a simple explanation.
For Envato’s admin, you have read many complaints about bad rating caused by the ignorance of the buyer. It is time to improve rating system.
In our view, the rating is one of the reason for the buyer to purchase our theme. So we care about the rating system.