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One of my friends wants to open an international online store – to sell the lingerie products from his small company. He will use a very nice template he found from ThemeForest but he has some questions and I thought I might ask an international community:

He knows what paper/authorizations he needs to sell things in his country, but the question is:
for an international store what rules apply?
What official papers/authorizations you need, for instance, if you are from Europe, but you want to sell & send products in USA?

Is there an international organization/company from where you can get an authorized buyer license, let’s say, or something similar?

Thank you all for your help.

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I could be wrong,...but you can sell on etsy no problem,..with the buyer or seller not needing any paperwork just shipping info and collecting tax.

Maybe there are some tax documents?

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Hey Greenline, try this online tool http://www.ups.com/ga/CountryRegs

Select the origin and destination country, check the boxes you need…

It may be a good start, also you can ask them (or any other international shipper) they should be expert enough to answer your question ;)