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Hey guys, i will appreciate your comments on this, i know there are many good designers here and your opinion will count.

So, here´s the logo:

It´s very simple and that´s the main idea. The logo is for a clown company. We, because i´m part of the group, improvise while acting and playing music (i´m the musician). So, clown is for clown, and back is because what we do is take stories by the public, and represent it, as i said, all improvizated right there. The back therm is also used in some other´s actings ways, i don´t know how it´s called in english, but, the main idea is that. We, as a group of clowns, recreate (back) stories from the people on the public.

The white for clown is because the character of the clown is like a child, clean, pure. The red is because the red nose that clown uses (in fact, it´s a simbol for clown, the red nose). And back in reverse is to duplicate the impact of the back concept (stories from the past recreated) and also because it ends forming an arrow in the conjuntion of clown and K in reverse.

It´s very funny what happens live, by the way.

Clowns, well you know, are clown doing clown things, and me, i play guittar, harmonics, and a lot of little percusion and piano, and pandeiro and marimba, and xilophone…. it´s really funny to see me behind so many instruments!

So, do you like the logo? I need to decide to make the web and some prints things….