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Well, xstortionist, you should really calm down because 1) shouting around with caps lock doesnt make the situation better and 2) it appears to me like youre obsess about the situation.
I know which item youre talking about and those who know the author of the files know that he´s completly trustworthy. So, without having further details about the progress of the creation of the file, you shouldnt just accuse somebody beeing a copyier or ripper.

There are specific types of products for which it is quite probable that if multiple designers who are independently of one another create this product, the results will look very similar.
Of course it is frustrating for an author who´s item has been submitted some time ago when a very similar file sells better than his.
But if envato would try to prevent this exceptionless in every single case, the marketplace wouldnt exist the way like it does today. Because then, there would be only one glass style and only one phone mockup and only one paper texture (...) because everything would be considered as a copy when there´s even a little similarity.

In clear words, this would mean that 99% of the new authors wouldnt have any chance to compete with what´s already on the marketplace.

I know that there are cases in which items really are downloaded illegally, slightly changed and reuploaded but, as long as we dont have solid prooves against it, it´s something we just have to accept.

thats my opinion about the topic…