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ok, ok I give up :)

one can’t have a little fun anymore around here

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ok, ok I give up :) one can’t have a little fun anymore around here

I still want you to point your concerns clearly towards staff :)

For me Envato should be strict on policies towards any author. Bad examples from highly reputed authors triggers more bad trends. One of the example is recently slipping a Power Elite author to advertise on item even while it was under the radar of many staffs. (May not be the author’s fault but policies being hidden)

Whenever an item gets featured or participates in Blog post, it supposed to be validated through appropriate staff. I don’t want to make it look like big problem but for the sake of encouraging other authors to respect in-house rules, these kind of efforts are basic.

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Hi guys, I’ve read through this thread and I agree that when authors behave badly, or mistakes slip through, it does make things unclear. The instances discussed here involve a variety of issues, but overall we are doing our best to point people in the right direction and make sure they follow our guidelines. Finding items/ issues that slip through (due to human error) doesn’t mean that the rules have changed.

I do appreciate Doru’s sentiment, that he would like to get an dashboard notification when something big happens or there is a policy change. In fact a few months ago, we changed a few points in our Terms and Conditions for which we contacted all users on their dashboards.

We do our best to communicate any upcoming changes via Notes, the forums and the dashboard (if needed) and if you think things are unclear then we need to discuss how we can do this better. Are there particular issues (apart from those already discussed) that you would like clarified?