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@wiicker95 just leave it alone and start create your items man. You come here with your first post criticizing themes and templates from respected elite authors and start a descission that i know how many times already took place.

Asking a thing and starting a discussion about such things also could be done in a more polite manner in the first place.

Just let it be, create your items. Because really, right now i’m very curious about the items you are going to come up with. But besides that, create your items – and show how it’s done, right?

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I have already posted it in one of my replies. VIDEO is redundant to OBJECT.
I know, but maybe you did not get my question: I want my site to have video that works on iOs and android. How do I do this in HTML4?

Asking that means that you didn’t understand the purpose of HTML and internet, and that is to deliver content to each and every person out there, regardless of their physical disabilities or the inaptitude of the device they are currently using.

I know that the most of you, if not everyone, aren’t colorblind, blind or deaf, but you have to think about them too. In the very same and exact way, not everybody can afford an ultra-fast connection, or is plain simply limited by his device ( I’m talking about handheld here, as you might know, such devices have a VERY limited bandwidth ). Enabling videos on such devices ON PURPOSE means that you never heard of WCAG in your life, all you know is painting artsy farsty pictures, and that is not what web design is about. Explain me now, how can I, with my iphone or whatever, access any video you post with, say, Starbucks or MCDonald’s lousy WiFi, if I can’t even download all the content images without eating or drinking whatever I ordered TWICE? There is just no point. But you all seem to forget that, or you quite possibly just never learned it.
Oh, so in order “to deliver content to each and every person out there” you must not use video and discard the fact that it will not impact the ones with slow connection? What about people who watch videos at home on mobile devices? I rarely watch videos on public places, it’s too noisy anyways. I, and a LOT of people, should not get that content in order “to deliver content to each and every person out there”? That’s a contraindication.