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(Locked) Why my withdrawal was rejected and part of money in Freeze ?

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I submitted withdrawal request (all earned money autowithdrawal at the end of a month) on my account ‘dedalx’. I got email that all ok at 30 september.

But today I see very strange messages in my account statement:

$XXXXXX- FREEZE Withdrawal rejected $XXXXXX

(Where XXXXX is my summ as example).

Why my withdrawal was automaticaly rejected? Why other money part is in FREEZE? Where is my earned money? I don’t sell any extended licenses or so, so this can’t be big refund for some customer, etc. We have many different customers.

I posted ticket to support but I need quick response and my money on 15 date because we need to pay our bills, so I post here in forum.

My ticket ID: #RIF-772-35431

I hope some staff can help me to get answers.

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Envato team

Support will be helping you through the ticket :) Thanks!