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Hello folks,

I am new to codecanyon and registered in order to submit a few scripts. They still need some improvements, though, but I do not know if it is worth the time to work on them any further.

There are plenty of items that already have similar concepts and functions as my scripts, though mine are JUST a little different. When I work on them, I always come up with the question if it is really worth the time and if there is any need for customers to buy them, because there are already similar scripts.

So, questions are: are you (still) motivated enough to work on scripts that have similar concepts to items which are already sold on the marketplace? In case your submission will be rejected, will you improve your script further (without an “insurance” that your item will be sold) or switch your work to something completely different?

Currently, I struggle with these questions all the time and it is hard to keep my motivation up. Hopefully, you can help me out a little.

Thanks so far, Michael.

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Howdy, Michael.

I’m not an author (yet), but I understand where you are coming from. It’s true that there is no guarantee that any item will sell, but I’m also of the mindset that a product’s quality and uniqueness makes or breaks its success. For example, do a search for slider and filter it to only JavaScript. CodeCanyon has a ton of slider scripts, yet there are a handful that have hundreds of sales. These are typically the top-notch sliders. They have excellent previews displaying the strengths of the item, their transitions are just a bit different (some might say better) than the competition, and their five star reviews speak to the quality of the item.

The worn out adage of “if you build it, they will come” is applicable here. If you create a quality item, even if it’s just a little bit different from the competition, it will sell.

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Also think about what the other similar items have done well (and poorly) and then improve those aspects in your own item.