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Hey everyone, I have problem with withdraw that i never exprience that . I submit my paypal email normally month ago and i should receive money at 17th this month.
But envato send me email that my paypal is blocked or inactive and want new paypal account to send money.
I do not know where is problem but i send a second paypal email to envato .And i do not receive money yet :) after 4 days.
I created some ticket and send 3 email to envato but envato dose not answer me.
How can i solve this problem? Thanks

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The only thing you can do is “keep calm and keep waiting”. You can also tweet your support ticket on envato twitter for faster response. This happend for me at the first time I’m here, my paypal blocked then I send them another paypal email, they send that money after 1 day ;)

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I’m sure Envato staff will jump on this soon enough and get it sorted out.

To save yourself future headaches, I would strongly suggest to use either Payoneer or direct SWIFT transfer. Paypal can simply not be trusted (believe me, I have had my fair share of issues with these guys).

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Envato team

Hey h2theme,

The ticket is alive and well, no need to submit further tickets. The current one is being looked into by our Finance Team, and you will be hearing back from us as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Locking this thread up, please respond via the ticket as soon as you hear back from us. Thanks!