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Hello everyone!

I am trying to set up an adventure travel website where customers can buy vouchers (for them or as a gift) for different activities (paragliding, guided tours, wine tasting, etc..) which should be non-dated (no bookings, but open-tickets that can be redeemed within 365 days).

Basically what i need is a system that gives the client a unique voucher ID on purchase. This ID can then be used with the travel service provider to redeem the voucher and book a date.

Would that be something that WooCommerce could do?

I guess the main features i need are:

- creation of unique voucher ID (not name specific, kinda like i-Tunes gift card)

- travel provider gets an e-mail with the coupon code, so he can check the validity on redeem (i can e-mail manually at first, but an automatic system would be great)

- a printable voucher (purchase e-mail) with coupon displayed should be created after purchase.

Basically, if you’re familiar with websites like http://www.smartbox.com/ or similar, it’s what i try to achieve. Not a direct booking, but a voucher that let’s the purchaser redeem his ticket to consume the service at a given time.

I hope it makes sense and that this can be achieved with WooCommerce and a specific extension.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Did you solve this problem?

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The question is from two years ago. There is an extension called WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers which should do almost everything the OP described.