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Hi there,

I´m making a html template to submit to Theme Forest but it´s always rejected. I think I have already submitted this template over six times. The reviewer said that the design needed to be polished and that I have lots of problems with spacing and alignment.

Can you please point me out what I need to do, in order to get approved?

Demo: http://www.diogoredin.com/wood

Thank you, Diogo Redin

UPDATE : Just saw that I posted this on the wrong section, sorry.

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UPDATE : Just saw that I posted this on the wrong section, sorry.

No worries, I’ll move it over for you :)

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I probably won’t be able to tell you everything that can be improved but I can give you some feedback on what I immediately notice.

In no particular order:
-the items in the drop-down menus shouldn’t be center aligned, it makes it hard for the eye to look down through the options, left-alignment guides the eye much more strongly
-there’s too much space around the items in the main navigation when they’re selected, you can either make the box that surrounds the selected item smaller or add a second line below each navigation item to give a more specific indication of what it is like below Portfolio you could put “What we’ve done” in a smaller text, it’s something that you see done a lot, alternatively you could add icons below or above the nav items but that puts the onus on the buyer to come up with icons for each of their items so I wouldn’t do that
-it might just be in Google Chrome but there are about 5 pixels at the bottom of your slideshow that show the previous image
-the image slideshow seems to be the most important content in your hierarchy on the homepage but you have the same amount of white space above and below it that you have above and below each of the rows of secondary content you have below the slideshow, you should consider putting less space above and below the secondary content
-the footer needs more content (link lists, maybe a quick contact form, contact details, etc.), the buyer won’t necessarily use it but they can always remove what they don’t want, the point is that if they want to add something they’ll have to do much of the work themselves it seems

Lastly, I just want to say that this design can definitely be iterated and improved into something that will get accepted here. Don’t get discouraged by the rejections. There are very successful authors here that were rejected upwards of 15 times before they got their first item accepted and the standards now are tougher than ever, so just keep making the design better each time and you’ll make it eventually.