WordPress admin: Give them just what they need or give them everything?

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...then start removing stuff that only adds value for a handful of people. In the end you end up with some good, useful…

Interesting – that’s what I do with my Photoshop designs mostly.

I will now talk about a particular item, but just because I can make a good point out of it.


Theme: Innovation

The authors have done the HTML version first. The sales were awesome.

Then they did WP version with unbelievable amount of options and 100 pages manual.

The WP version sells really good too, but lets ask ourselves if they would create much simpler WP version, would that affect theirs sales significantly??

Considering the amount of work they’ve put into the WP version and the difference between sales of HTML and WP, and considering the success of plain HTML version, it just doesn’t feel like that unbelievable extra amount of work was essential.

Things that sells this item are the design itself and good ideas in my opinion, not huge amount of options. There is a thin line of sales number between items with enormous amount of options and healthy amount. (healthy = menu manager, post types, etc., but this is in wp3.0 so most authors shouldn’t have problems with implementing it fast)

So this again comes down to the basic options and if the sales are good, you can ask buyers what they miss there and you just add it – but add only what they need and asked for, because most people don’t need that extra amount.

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Envato team

I only want to see what I want to use. :)

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+1 for the topic!

I haven’t released any TF template yet, so I wouldn’t know from the authors perspective how numerouse admin options affect sales.

Great color scheme + awesome images + cool slider = something that is selling pretty good on TF

Provide them basic options like different colors, input field for logo image url and slider related things. Most of the users will have hard time figuring out that options :)

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Case in point;

I released my first WP template with bare options in the admin, sales were good.

I listened to the customers and what they were asking for and went through and coded a completely new admin section with tons of options, sales didn’t go up and everybody that bought it already got more than what they paid for.

Stick with the bare minimum and don’t go nuts.

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In my opinion you don’t want to go with too much options simply to not overwhelm theme users. Sometimes WP themes are bought by people that have completely no idea about websites, thus seeing too many options can discourage them.

The best scenario would be to put as many options as users will actually use, so that you don’t waste your time coding all this stuff which is never going to be used. When you release your first theme with just few core options you will see (in support questions or by visiting their websites built on your theme) what people want to change. Just add those options to your next theme, slowly building your framework that can be later refined and reused in future themes.

Going straight for millions of options may not just pay off, just because you may not be so popular on marketplace to hit thousand sales right off the bat (of course unless you are _freshface, WebTreats or DigitalCavalry). :) This last sentence wasn’t aimed at you themolitor as you already have like 10 items in your portfolio, it was more for people who are new to marketplace. Also remember that the options alone are probably not going to sell your theme!