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I used WP for a project that I did for someone but now I got a problem. And to say it frankly: I’m a designer, not a developer. So I’m a zero when it comes to WP.

The coders who did this can’t help me so I ask here:

The thing is this: the site I (we) did is using a archive, displaying months. When you now click on lets say “June 2009” you get a empty result.

I already also figured out why this is. Because it links to


Now if you link to www.bla.xx/?m=20096 (I just removed the 0 for the month) it works.

My question now is: how can you teach wordpress to display months with out the stupid 0 ?

the archive.php got that line (not the whole line) -> http://pastie.org/517528

I know “m” is for month in that format: 06 , 09, 10…etc

Is there a format for that which can change this? Or is there something at the posts that must be changed?

I would be very nice if someone can help here.