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I am currently developing a website for a pretty big client. We are working on a wordpress platform. Due to time, we used a child theme to develop the site on. Everything is going well so far, the only thing that puts a crunch in our time and deadline is the fact that the theme doesn’t have a designed blog page.

The job – We need just need a simple blog page template designed to display posts with a featured thumbnail. On the blog page each post will have a summary and a read more button. We’re talking your basic wordpress blog page, just like there is on every single wordpress theme themeforest sells.

We also need the single.php cleaned up. You don’t have t go crazy on the css. I will be happy to style the pages myself. I just need the wordpress/php framework developed.

Also we would like to have Facebook Comments added.

This project is very time sensitive so it needs to be done rather quickly.

here’s a link to the site (test server) link

Email or skype me with your quote so we can get this finished :)

skype: ace2296 andre@bluesquidmedia.com