Wordpress plugin for thumbnails and enlargements needed - can anyone advise?

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I’ve been asked to create a “car sales” website for a good friend who is starting a new business. My friend has very little experience of web coding at all, and really needs a site which he can update with new stock very simply.

My first thought was to set up Wordpress as a CMS , so that new cars can be added to the stock list and categorized like posts, which would make the site very easy for my friend to update ;)

However, he would prefer a method of displaying thumbnails images for each car, where each thumbnail expands into a larger preview image in the same page. Again, this must be a very easy-to-use method which requires no editing of the HTML .

Now I must admit, I’m not very experienced with Wordpress (Blogger is my “thing” but this is just not suitable for this type of site!). I did find a lightbox plugin which I think will automatically resize images once they are uploaded. However, I was wondering if anyone had a better suggestion for a plugin?

It needs to be something which will make it very easy to use, preferably it will resize uploaded images automatically and require no editing of the post’s HTML code to enable thumbnails and a larger preview.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could advise me about a possible solution or plugin!

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Wordpress does this out of the box. When you upload an image you can insert the thumb into the post linking to a full size image. By default, its just a link that will open the image in a new window, but you can use a lightbox or any other method to control how it opens/enlarges them.

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WordPress automatically set thumbnails for your uploaded images. And you can make this larger versions you mentioned by using custom fields.

Here is an example from wordpress codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Custom_Fields