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Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching the internet trying to find a WP theme that take the featured content slider idea that everyone uses, but make it ‘the whole site’.

What I’m looking for is instead of 1,2,3,4 as buttons for the ‘next slide’ which is usually a post, I’m wanting them to say ‘home, gallery, contact’ etc. Obviously each slide would then need to contain a mixture of links, images, fancybox functionality, video, and flash movies. In a perfect world, I would even have a blog section contained within one of these slides.

I know how to build this sort of functionality using just HTML and CSS , but I don’t know how to build it in Wordpress. There are a few ‘1 page slider’ sites around at the moment. Obviously it would be really cool to be able to use the CMS potential of WP for updating content etc – making it possible for anyone in the office to be responsible for it.

Any ideas on whether this is possible, any existing themes like it, or anyone prepared to build it for me?

Thanks, Blair

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Hey, we could figure out something with my theme if there was WP coder around here :)

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Hi, I am sure i can do this for you. If your interested you can contact me threw my profile page for further instructions.