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I don’t set a rule for this. The decision may depend on how much our family or profession need us for a time span. Requirements may change after certain time span (like 6-8-10 years) . Personally I am comfortable on home – with separate room for work for a not-so-serious productivity most time spent for family. If I have to jump into a big plan on work, will pick a separate work space.

For the productivity on home, the first and important rule I set is to complete half of the work within the morning. Since there is no guarantee in the rest of the day. :D

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I should follow one thing up

My problem with working at home is MY fault, and not the fault of the process. it’s because I’m not very good at forcing myself to walk away from the work. I WISH i could do so

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I’ve been working from home doing websites for 4 years now and obviously there are pros and cons. I have no problem actually working during the day and cutting everything off at the end of the day. My problem is boredom and the lack of being around other business professionals.

While I haven’t done this, a good friend of mine rents office space from Regus. For a few hundred a month (far less than actually renting an office) he gets a certain number of hours per week to break up the monotony of working from home and it gets him around other people.

Although working from home has its downsides, nothing to me can justify paying $1,000+ more a month in rent just so I can drive someplace and do the exact same thing I’m doing from home.