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Thank you for all your replies! however i feel very stupid as to why it wasnt working,....i had forgotten the doctype at the start! ...still getting use to Sublime :P man i feel dumb!

I dont want to start another thread therefore i was wondering, as this being my first item id like to submit, its a CSS menu with a JavaScript to allow browsers that dont support the box-flex to function, the category will still be CSS and then id just select JS from the files included?

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Oh yeah, nice catch, I am glad oyu got it working.

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Envato team

Nothing wrong with IE, just need to learn the little quirks (just like any other browser). Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of Chrome issues.

Safari on PC in hands down the worst browser in existence.

IE has dominated the browser market for years, so remembering the common bugs you run into is a good move. With the release of 10 (which I think is a pretty killer browser and probably the best one out there if you’re on a touchscreen device) market share for IE has actually been increasing.

There are a lot of IE haters out there. I don’t use IE for anything other than testing – but appreciate that as far back as version 5.5 you could do a lot of cool things that other browsers couldn’t do up until a couple of years ago. The newer IE JS engine is also pretty quick. It seems like MS has been paying more attention to IE the last couple of releases. 9/10 are pretty decent. :) On the other hand, it seems like Opera is starting to fall behind.

It was doing some really rocking things back in version 5.5 that other browsers couldn’t do until a couple years ago.

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I also think latest IE versions 9 and 10 are ahead of other browsers in some areas, for example, computer resource usage, javascript engine or font rendering, which is far better than FF or Chrome. I don’t mind a lack of support for some bizzare css3 effects that are not that useful or essential for beautiful web :)