WP plugin question: how to echo blog posts on static homepage w/plugin?

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hi – quick question, I’m new to WP; I bought a theme on TF that looks great, however it doesn’t support having a static homepage with blog-posts on it via shortcode.

Is there any easy way for example to iframe/echo/use plugin that will take my say most-recent 3 posts on a different page (blog-style inside page) and show them on a static homepage (preferably w/shortcode?). hope i explained that correctly… thanks if any tips!

so it’s:

Static homepage

static stuff, slider

static stuff, always here

static graphic stuff

>> shortcode-driven blog area with a few most-recent blog posts stuck in middle of static homepage from a different page, my main blog page that’s inside the site somewhere, eg mysite/daily-blog/

static bottom stuff here

static bottom graphics

Goal is to have a great-looking homepage that’s always mostly the same, but has updating blog posts in the middle of it. With this theme I have to use static homepage, to get right look.