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I’ve scoured TF for a while for something specific I’m looking for but have never really found it: a simple but eye-catching one-page WP theme that would be suitable for an album release. (As in, a band has one album, or a collection of singles or albums, that just need to be showcased.)

The theme would contain:

SoundCloud and elegant MP3 support so that people could easily preview the tracks Clear places where album/single cover art could go E-commerce integration so albums/singles can be bought quickly and easily iTunes/Amazon/Beats/Spotify links for people who want to buy it there Basic places for bio, tour dates, and photos

I’ve seen one-pagers that sort of work for this, but they often don’t have the place for square album covers or MP3 previews, so I end up having to customize a ton.

Theme developers, I would think that if there were a few themes filling this need, you’d probably get lots of sales because there’s a ton of music out there that needs showcasing!

I know there are band themes out there but they all seem too huge and bloated to me…when a one-pager would suffice.

If anyone knows of themes similar to this that I’ve overlooked, feel free to enlighten me.