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Hi everyone

Hope someone can give advise/suggest what theme and plugin combination would suit our needs best. Cheap and free is nice, but quality and design is more important and we don’t mind paying for the best solution.

We a looking for a simple and elegant theme where we sell services provided by other companies that we are collaborating with.

It can be compared to https://www.homejoy.com

From the customers end they will be able to choose between six different services (icons) which each takes a certain number of hours. One hour is charged with a fixed fee and when the customer choose a service they can see a sum of their purchases (hours x fee). On top of that the customer can choose between a few extra services defined by extra hours. When the hours have been have been chosen the price is summed up and the customer go to the next page where he enters his contact information. Then he goes on to the next page where he choose a date and what hour the service should begin. In the end he checks out finishes the purchase in a payment module and receives a receipt with his booking in an email.

It should be relatively easy to find a theme that meets these requirements, but I am looking forward to hear your suggestions.

The more tricky part is the booking system.

We need a booking system where the service providers can edit their availability in their individual calendar and have a profile where we have their information. In that way, when a customer makes a booking, the system will automatically find an available service provider with the best geographic match with the customer and send a notification to the service provider and book the time in his calendar. We need to be able to monitor all bookings as well as edit bookings if changes are necessary.

Any suggestions to a good combination of themes and plugins?

Have a great weekend.