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Hi guys

I use Xara (cause as awesome as Illustrator is, this illustrator is broke!) I really like the program and have a bunch of illustrations I’d love to try for approval.

Thing is, despite Xara’s claims I do know there can be compatibility issues. Certainly that isn’t going to fly.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could find out if my files would be compatible with Illustrator? I saved a couple of my files in .eps format, opened them with notepad and the first line says “PS-Adobe-3.0” which I understand is good but there can still be issues.

Aside from “don’t use gradients or similar effects” OR “save up your money and get Illustrator you Xara freak!” (hehe) does anyone have any advice?

Otherwise I’d better get my self cracking in Photoshop, yeah?

Thanks much, and loving the blue too!


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Envato team

Hey twoaz!

Beats me, but I think you can get a 30 day trial of Illustrator from Adobe.com and then try opening them .. that might work?

I must admit Adobe programs sure aren’t cheap!! :-|

I need to upgrade myself, but I keep putting it off. :-)