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That’s a deep cut, Adrien. What you’re saying seems strange with all the badges next to it though. What about this mysterious sister site, anyway? ;)

No cuts Rob, just brotherly love that goes way back :P Just do an AD forum search for the word punch, and you can find some rather bizarre moments lol

Back then it was the wild wild west. Actually it was prehistoric Envato, literally. How ironic that it was called Eden.

Seriously, imagine a place that had no forum search, no email replies, no author feeds, and the only way to keep track of user item comments was RSS , and that wasn’t even written anywhere.. :D It was just one live stream of forum postings in the here and now, live. Kinda like twitter, but with no following. You had to be there to be aware. And yet it thrived. :)

The secret sister site referred to then is what’s known today as AudioJungle. :D At the time, only FlashDen existed, and all audio, video and fonts were sold there. Forget about everything else..

So to all the Envato Flash mud-slingers (I’m looking at you Mr. Dijkstra :P ), just remember that if you enjoy earning anything on your marketplaces, you have the pleasure of doing so, because of Flash. :)


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When I said “deep cut” I was making an analogy to an obscure song on an album, as in this case a really old forum post. ;) And the timeframe eluded to AJ being born. It was neat to look at that thread from this side of time, knowing what’s to come. Living going from an idea to a thriving community must be epic. I’d like to experience that feeling one day. Cheers on a great move. ;)

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None of that “holier than thou” attitude you can come across on other audio forums.

From the short time I’ve been here, I’ve noticed that AudioJungle authors are always very participative and willing to contribute positive comments.