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Envato team

Hey guys, Just a heads up that on Monday (Australian time) we’ll be deploying a more strict set of validation rules on zip file names to prevent files with bad or non-english characters.

Basically, allowed characters will be:

a-z, A-Z, 0-9, space ’ ’, dash ’-’, ampersand ‘&’, and parentheses ‘(’ & ‘)’

The contents of the main download files will not be validated, but the zip filename will.

You will receive feedback/validation messages when you try to upload your file if/when your files don’t meet the new standard.

So if you get an error message from Monday onwards when you try to submit a file and you don’t know what’s happened, it might be that your .zip filename contains “bad” characters.

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You can add this on Wiki in the Music Upload Instructions? :) And if it is not difficult to add a little more examples of what can be called and what the name is not recommended.

The matter is that I’ve uploaded the track, but Reviewer rejected and wrote that the archive should be in format zip. But my archive in zip format. In any case, once again I uploaded a zip file and waited for 4 days. Today on the forum I stumbled on this topic and realized that my archive may have been not adopted due to the fact that it has an underscore _

After 4 days I 7 in the queue and now I need to upload a new file and go back to the in end the queue. But I have noticed much faster review if I delete a file and upload it again with a different name.

Well, here is such a story … :)

Sorry for my English.