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Hi ,

I love your design. Can you add a video to the slider ? Or make the show me button pop up a lightbox with video?

great work

That’s a great idea. I’m planning to roll out a few more features such as a coming soon page. But I can definitely incorporate video into this theme so stay tuned :)

I wrote to you via your website. I would really like to take this further. Please let me know. Love you your code quality.

Really nice theme!
Good luck with the sales :)

Thanks a lot – much appreciated

Hi, is there any WP version in dev ? thanks


There’s definitely a WP version on its way. Stay tuned :)

Looks amazing! Is there an option to just type testemonials instead of using twitter?

I’m considering of buying this theme.

Cool idea. I’ll add that into the next update :) Thanks for your feedback!

Bought the theme and I’m very satisfied! Great work I love it. I’m also looking forward to the update with the custom testemonials, where you can just type the comments instead of using twitter.

Very clean theme… I LOVE IT!

Thanks :)

Brilliant work! Great design and bang on trend.

Much appreciated!!

Great theme!

Is there going to be a “meet the team” feature in the WP-version?



Thanks! I will be including a Meet the Team section in the WP version. I appreciate your interest :)

Looking forward to Wordpress version with these features:

1. Full-width or out of the box feature 2. WPML integration 3. WooCommerce integration

Thanks for your input :)

Love It! Would definitely love a WP version :)

It’s currently in the works. Stay tuned!!

Hi – How long till a Wordpress version? thanks

WOW. Period. I want the wordpress theme…..like now. Amazing work. When? Congrats on such beautiful work.

Really appreciate the kind words!

some thoughts BTW….A Linkedin social login would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Im creating a professional based site Linkedin would be more of need then anything else.

Spectacular! One of my favorites. Planning to buy very soon.

That’s great to hear! Thanks

Want to buy, but can have .psd of sliders??? I like to customize images:






I have included those PSDs in the /resources folder of the theme package. You will also find the credits for each PSD in there as well.

Cheers, David

Those screenshots you’re using for filler content are those designs of yours we can expect to see in the future?

Those screenshots are from amazing designers on Dribbble. You can find links to their work in the credits section of my item description

Dude, amazing. Please continue.

Appreciate it :)

I currently have no use for it, but I’m pretty sure I will use it in the future. This is my support, please continue to develop this and future themes:)

Great theme! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

More coming soon! Stay tuned :)