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There is no way to blanket change the color rather than going through each item changing the hex code?

Wish there was a way for us to make it easier, but that’s really the only option with HTML templates.

Well, there could be a separate css file with color elements.

That is indeed is good idea something we will implement in the future to make things easier. Thanks for the suggestion!

I would have given it a 5, but the cumbersome way of changing the color really pissed me off :(

I know this can be pretty annoying, but unfortunately it’s the nature of HTML when dealing with many classes that have different colors.

Ok I have another question in regards to the send_mail.php. Ive gone into the php file and changed the “to” portion of it to reflect it sending to me however it is not working. Its not hitting my inbox or spam either.

It sounds like it could be a hosting issue. Check with them to see if everything is configured correctly.

Did you update the twitter widget on this theme for the recent version change?

Is there an events calendar provided in this theme? It is listed in the item details, but I cannot find it in my downloads. Is it a separate page or built into the events page? Am I missing an update?

Hi there, the events calendar is built directly into the theme. Look for the ‘Events’ tab in your WordPress admin.


I have the HTML version, not the WordPress. Is there a calendar in this version?

Apologies for the mix up. I’m afraid the HTML does not. Since this is static template the calendar would be very difficult to keep updated manually without some form of CMS or dynamic input so we’ve chosen to leave it out.


Hi I was wondering if there is a full page layout option without the sidebar? I quite like this template but would like the option for a page layout with 2 or 3 columns and having the page full width without the sidebar. Can you tell me if that is possible to achieve?

Thanks Joe

Hi there Joe,

Since this is an HTML theme, customization is only limited by your ability to work with HTML and CSS. For instance you could use any of the full-width pages (such as events) and remove the page content and add your own 2 or 3 column HTML.


Thanks much, off to purchase!


simple(i’m hoping) question for you. Is there a way to disable the responsive part? I want to change my website and use this template, but I want my website to look like it does on a PC screen regardless of what device the user is using. Currently, when I tried your demo, it was forcing a minimized view on my tablet and smartphone.

Please let me know.


hey there, sure thing. Just delete the file called media.quieries.css from the stylesheets folder (that’s the file that controls the mobile styles). You might want to hang onto it somewhere though, incase you change your mind ;)

Enjoying my HTML download. It is working great for the non-profit I am helping out. But I am having problems. When the the minimized view (on a mobile device or when I make the window on my desktop too small) comes up the top menu completely disappears. How can I keep a menu at the top when using the minimized view?

Nevermind. :) Was missing the entire Javascript folder on the site.

lol – yes that would be a problem ;) Glad you sorted it out!


The theme is lovely and just what the non-profit I’m volunteering for is in need of. I see however that the site’s search feature references http://themes.two2twelve.com/wordpress/advocate/ in the “form action” command (for lack of a better word). Was this overlooked for the HTML files? What steps need to be taken to make the search field work?

Thanks in advance!

I am needing support and have tried several times to create an account with your support system and it gives me an error when I enter the purchase code. Can you help me?

Thanks Joe

I’m so sorry Joe, our system has been acting up. If you could just send us an email through our author profile form I’ll setup you up with an account right away – http://themeforest.net/user/two2twelve


Hi, thank you. I sent an email through there.

Thanks for your help Joe

Hi there,

I see that people are complaining that changing color is difficult. Is that already been fixed?

Cheers! Good luck!

Hi, Are the any plans to fix twitter widget? Looks like it gets stuck loading tweets…

The Twitter widget was updated a few version ago, please make sure to download the latest version from your downloads tab in ThemeForest and update your theme, then follow the instructions to configure your Twitter account.


Could someone please answer my support questions left by ticket for Advocate HTML template?

I love this theme but I’m not getting any response to my support ticket, which I left 6 weeks ago so buyer beware.