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here’s a link to the above


Thanks for the reply. The logo issue is sorted, but the box colour is not changing…

Sorry, I also have an issue with the blog. Not working as a stand alone page. Thoughts?

Send me your problem + a WP admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll modify it for you.


The menu on my website does not change to a drop down when resizing the browser.

Also the color of the active menu does not change.

Can you help please?

Send me your problem + a WP / FTP admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll answer you.

It does work now – there is something wrong with my child-theme I need to look at. Thanks for your help!


I just purchased the theme and installed it in a fresh WP 3.6. Unfortunately, I cannot change the color of the active links (I basically want all green to be all orange) – the theme doesn’t seem to pick up the changes I made to “active nav color for the navigation menu”. Is there a way for me to change the color of the submit button, the social media hover icons and the links in one shot (e.g. custom css?).

Thanks in advance!

Hello. Please post your URL

Did you get the private message I sent you with all the login details to my page?

I answered all the e-mails so if you sent one, you should’ve received a reply


I do not want the logo to be displayed and have therefore added h1#logo {display: none;} which works fine on the screen of a computer but not on a smartphone. What would I need to change or add so the logo is not displayed on a smartphone?

Furthermore, I do not like how the text sticks on the left on a smartphone. How can I add a little padding? I did add it to container which is fine except that the images have the padding as well which I do not like. Can you advise?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Your website looks just fine for me. No logo on the smartphone and the text has enough padding, I can’t see anything wrong with it

Is it? That is how it looks like on my iPhone:

And this is the live preview of A360:

All other websites have some padding.

Any ideas?

Can you change the footer with your credentials and also the buttons and links color from green to something else? i havent found that option in the admin panel.

Yes, they’re editable, but you don’t have the “Purchased” badge


The mobile version is not active. Does this have any particular reason?


What’s your URL? Are you reffering to the mobile dropdown menu?

Yes, exactly. Unfortunately, it appears the normal menu.

Try disabling your 3rd party plugins

Hello, the ‘submit’ button (in dutch ‘verstuur’, I changed the text in index.php) is not working. ( After clicking nothing happens.

It shows a 500 error when you submit it, I’d check the error log on your server, there’s most likely something related to your server

Is there a tutorial for this theme? And is it recommended to use a child theme for this theme?

Hello. You can use a child theme, yes, it should work. As for the tutorial, there’s a Read me folder included within the package

Is there a way to add multiple images to the pretty photo effect? For example how do I use one thumbnail but then have multiple images under that thumbnail? If that makes sense.

By the way I love this theme.

Hello. Not by default, sorry, but I’d recommend using a 3rd party plugin for galleries :)

Okay. Thank you :)

Hello, I’m planning to buy this excellent theme – however I’m very reluctant because of no ratings and no comments since half a year. Is support for this theme still active?

Also there are error messages on the homepage: trict Standards: Declaration of description_walker::start_el() should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $id = 0) in /home/teo/public_html/wp/wp-settings.php on line 323

Thank you for a feedback! Ole

Hi! Sorry for that error, I’ll fix it today, it’s a quickfix that only shows up whenever the dev mode is enabled on WordPress because of WordPress 3.8 :) And yes, support is still being offered.

Hello! The following issues are left with my site:

1. I want to include nice

    lists, but no bullets are shown?

    2. the responsive version squeezes the team photos in a very ugly way. (They need have the same aspect ratio as in desktop version)

    3. Page Headlines are not vertically aligned to page content. (i.g. WILLKOMMEN is more on the left as Logo and slider) Is there an unwanted left indent that I can remove?

    Thanks for you support! Ole

try this one

.section ul {
list-style: disc inside none;

.jcarousel-list, .slides {
list-style: none !important;

.flex-direction-nav, #options ul {
list-style: none !important;

YES! That made it!

If you also have an idea, how to left-align the text rows after bulletpoints, i would be more than happy! (see TEAM: right now there is no indent, so that 2nd text row starts under the bullet and not under first letter of 1rd row!)

Uhm, not sure I understand what you mean, I don’t see any static text on the team page, just lists(with bullets).

As for your request(even though I didn’t actually see the issue), that’s how it should be, the text should show up below the bullet as the bullet is not outside of the text area

Hello, Google Analytics integration doesn’t work. I copied the whole tracking code (<script>....</script>) into “theme options > code before body tag” field, but google analytics tells me that code is not properly integrated. What can i do? Ole

Hi, if you want the integration field to work, you can send me a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it. If you need the code just to work(since you’ll do it just one time and that’s all), you can add it in footer.php right below </ body>, the analytics code.

Ok. Did that.

One more thing: How can I get rid of comment fields below and date/author/#comments boxes above normal static pages? i.e.

Add this to style.css

.page .comment-wrap {
display: none !important;

I want to know from where to change top right popup menu.

The menu which is on demo site as “All, Architecture, Branding,.. “

I am unable to change this menu.

Hello, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme

When I start up the website, the website title is correct “STEIJNBERS organisatieontwikkelaars”. But whenever I click on one of the menu-items, the website-title changes to “Page not found – STEIJNBERS organisatieontwikkelaars”. It navigates well, but what is going wrong with the website title?

Hello, please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Any chance you could add LinkedIn to the group of parameters for the team shortcode? I see you wrote 2 years ago “probably in de next version” :-)

Ah, sorry. I will add it within the next 2 weeks in an update, I’ll need to replace all those social icons with fonts, as right now they’re images and that’s why I probably didn’t update it.

Hi there, I have a problem with the responsiveness of the theme. It scales down for mobile just fine but the desktop view doesn’t display correctly – all content is pressed to the right and the middle left empty. Could you please support me how I can fix this? Many thanks! Jo

Hello, sorry for the late reply, can you please post your URL and a screenshot of the problem?

The left nav seems very buggy with this theme. If the browser height isn’t tall enough, the next nav item down will highlight. So, those with bigger monitors will not have an accurate left nav. Any fix for this?

Uhm, can you please send me a WordPress admin account? Or, check with a plugin such as Contact form 7? If that one doesn’t work either, the mail function on your server isn’t working properly.

It’s working now, thanks… didn’t come through at first but finally did.

Hi, ok, glad it’s working now :)

Hi there, simple question I hope. How do I display more than four posts on the homepage? I can’t find the right bit of code.



Hello, please post your support ticket using the account you used to purchase the theme


The internal links on my website htttp:// seem not to be working anymore. Any idea on what is causing this or how to resolve?

Hi, I’m very sorry for the late reply, you have a javascript error in the console:

TypeError: this._gat._getTrackers is not a function

tks = this._gat._getTrackers();

It’s probably caused by one of your 3rd party plugins